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Monday, December 14, 2009

The Cinnamon Bear - - Part II

I noticed some of you all were looking for pictures of some of the actors on the Bear. Unfortunately, I can't get any that were taken during production. And some of the folks, well, it's difficult to find pictures of them. Here are the ones I could find:

Elvia Allman

Penelope the Penguin

Verna Felton


Gale Gordon

Weary Willie

Oliver Ostrich

Joe Kearns

Crazy Quilt Dragon

Cy Kendall

Captain Taffy

Indian Chief

Elliott Lewis

Mr. Presto

Howard McNear

Samuel the Seal

Slim the Cowboy

Frank Nelson

Captain Tintop

Ted Osborne

King Blotto

Professor Whiz

Hanley Stafford (with Fanny Brice as Baby Snooks)

Snapper Snick Crocodile

Walter Tetley


Bill Thompson


Martha Wentworth

Wintergreen Witch

Barbara Jean Wong


Remember that the Bear was done purposely anonymously. Someone way back in 1937 knew that some armchair historians (like this tuba playing English teacher living in Mindanao) would be trying to figure out who all the cast was. These might all be wrong.


Ted Hering said...

Almost the entire cast of the Decca album, "Dicken's Christmas Carol", is represented here! Barbara Jean Wong, Cy Kendall, Hans Conreid, Gale Gordon... just about everyone but Ronald Colman.

LoyalTubist said...

Ronald Colman wasn't on this show.

LoyalTubist said...

Neither was Hans Conried.

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